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CodeViser for ARM7/9/11, Cortex-A/R. [Multi core version]

The Best Embedded S/W Development Solution
ARM Emulator “CodeViser”

- Advanced AP (App. Processor) based on ARM & CDMA/WCDMA/GSM Device Support!
  * CV-MULT-7911AR is supported ARM7/9/11, Cortex-A/R only!
  * If you want to add core, Pls. Check the item (Upgrade & Add core)

- The latest RTOS Debugging Support! (Android, Window Mobile, Linux and WinCE, etc)
- Multi-Core Debugging Feature free Support!
- Convenient & User friendly UI Support!
- Various script file Support! (.csf / .cmm)
- Prompt Trouble Shooting Service with Remote Control System!


* Specification
- Interface: High Speed USB 2.0 Support
- Target Connection: 20/14 pin Connector
- JTAG Clock: 1KHz ~ 50MHz
- Target Voltage: 1.8v ~ 5v
- Power: USB or DC 5V/2A (SMPS)
- Update: Firmware Update by CVD
- Operating System: Windows 98/XP/Vista/7
- Size: 76 x 128 x 18 (mm)

  Product Feature/Configuration

CodeViser JTAG emulator provides powerful & convenient debugging functions to develop various devices
based on ARM core. User can develop CDMA/GSM/GRPS/UMTS/WCDMA/3G/4G devices etc related to
Mobile product and also normal embedded solution devices by using CodeViser. CodeViser supports high
speed flash programming function with USB 2.0 interface between computer and CodeViser.

1. Debugging System Configuration.

< CodeViser Debugging Configuration >
  1. The USB 2.0 interface cable between computer and CodeViser is used.
  2. CodeViser is connected to target system with JTAG Cable & Probe board.
     1) In case of JTAG Probe, CodeViser can be used with three types of JTAG probe.
        (14pin for ARM7 core, 20pin for ARM7/9/11/Cortex/Others cores, 14pin for TI chipset)
     2) CodeViser can support JTAG 1 pin’s voltage (3.3v/2.5v/1.8v) instead of target system. If the voltage
         from target is not stable, user can change the voltage level within CVD debugger manually.

2. CodeViser JTAG Emulator Configuration.

  CVD (CodeViser Debugger)

CVD (CodeViser Debugger)
CVD enables developers to enhance their development quality and speed.

What is Debugger?
Debugger means software which enables user to load an image file (ELF/COFF etc) and trace it on the source code level.
CodeViser JTAG Emulator works with exclusive software debugger, CVD (CodeViser Debugger).
By default, the debugging sequence is same as following.


▪ Convenient Built-in Editor
- Syntax Coloring
- A Variety of Font, Style, Find and Replace

▪ Various View Windows
- Memory, Register, Local/Global Variable, Watch, Breakpoint, Call Stack Widows
- Workspace (Files, Functions, Variable Tree)

▪ Easy CR Setting Window
▪ Flash Programming for Nor/NAND/ONE NAND etc
- Device list support to program each flash device
▪ Powerful Debugging Function
- Various image format (ELF,/AxF(Dwarf1/2), COFF, EXE, PIB, DLL, OUT etc) support
- C/C++ Source Level / Assembly Code Debugging
- Go/Stop/Step In/Out/Over/GotoCursor etc
- HW/SW/Auto/Stop/GoStop/Condition Breakpoint
- Performance/Elapsed Time Debugging
- Command Line Interface
- Multi-Core Debugging
- OS Debugging (Kernel/Library/App./Module)
▪ CVD API support
Console Window support
- CVD supports Serial /DCC / Semihosting interface view window. It’s not necessary
   to launch other terminal view software to check serial/DCC/Semihosting message.
scripts Compatibility
- CVD supports CSF, CMM script file.

- Size : 76 x 128 x 18 (mm)
- Weight : 300g
  Upgrade & Add Core
The cost of upgrading
Single Core
CODEVISER-CA US$2,200.00 Pay the cost of a single core you want to add.
CODEVISER-A11 US$2,200.00 Pay the cost of a single core you want to add.
CODEVISER-A9 US$2,200.00 Pay the cost of a single core you want to add.
Multi Core
CV-MULT-7911 US$3,500.00 Pay $1,800 per one core you want to add.
CV-MULT-7911A US$4,400.00 Pay $1,800 per one core you want to add.
CV-MULT-7911AR US$5,400.00 Pay $1,800 per one core you want to add.
Bundle Pack.
BUND-CV-5250 US$1,200.00 Pay the cost of a single core you want to add.
BUND-CV-4412 US$1,200.00 Pay the cost of a single core you want to add.

  Support list 

* CV-MULT-7911AR is supported ARM7/9/11, Cortex-A/R only!
* If you want to add core, Pls. Check the item (Upgrade & Add core)

  Package List
* Codeviser ARM Emulator
* USB cable.
* JTAG cable.
* Power adapter(DC 5V)
* CD (Software & Documents)

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