Howchip ExSOM-8895

  • Powered by Samsung Exynos 8895, 64-bit Arm Octa Core Processor (Samsung Mongoose Quad and A53 Quad)
  • Super-Speed UFS Card (UFS2.1 Gear 3 one lane) is supported
  • Default UFS Storage (UFS2.1 Gear 3 two lane) built on top of CPU module
  • Run by the Latest Android OS Nougat and Linux Kernel 4.4.13


ExSOM-8895 is a full featured Android Nougat Reference Platform that provides an ideal test environment for any kind of mobile peripheral device such as display devices, storage devices and interface devices. Based on the latest Samsung Exynos 8895, the 64-bit Octa Core Processor, it supports the most of Smart phone/Tablet PC fearturs(except for Modem). And additional features such as Display port, Ethernet, HDMI, UFS cards and PCIe interface are available so that users can develop test program for the peripherals in real environment condition.

Exynos 8895 Specification

  • Mongoose quad CPU with NEON/VFP as a high performance processor with 64/32 KB I/D cache and 2 MB L2 cache
  • ARM Cortex-A53 quad CPU known as Apollo as a power-efficient performance processor with 32/32 KB I/D cache and 256 KB L2 cache. This processor is architecturally aligned with Mongoose.
  • 128-bit multi-layer TREX architecture
  • Samsung Coherent Interface (SCI) among Mongoose and Cortex-A53, G3D, G2D, and SSS
  • DRAM access through four channels of 16-bit LPDDR4 interface at 1866 MHz (30 GBps)
  • 128 KB ROM for secure booting and 352 KB internal RAM for security function
  • Multi-core timer and generic interrupt controller/combiner for multi-core CPU system
  • DMA controllers (2x4-channel PDMA and 1x4-channel PDMA for security purpose)
  • Real Time Clock (RTC)
  • Highly structured power management system for mobile applications
  • Flexible clock management system with 14 system PLLs
  • 3D graphic accelerator with multi-core GP
  • GPU support for OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0/3.0, OpenCL 1.2 Full Profile, and OpenVG 1.1
  • Separate 2D graphic accelerator
  • Multi-Format Codec (MFC), which provides encoding and decoding of MPEG-4/H.263/H.264/VP8/HEVC up to 4K at 120fps and decoding of MPEG-2/VC1/VP9 video up to 4K at 120 fps
  • JPEG codec for various compression formats
  • Two on-the-fly scalers for display
  • Two memory-to-memory scalers
  • 16/32 bpp RGB format and NV12, NV21, and YUV420 format for display DMA
  • UHD LCD display through MIPI DSI interface and 1/3 DSC
  • DP V1.2 interface for TV monitor
  • Customized image enhancer for display
  • Four channels of MIPI CSI interface for four camera support (one rear camera, one front camera, and two sensors like a vision sensor to measure the distance)
  • Combo D-PHY/C-PHY for rear/front camera
  • High performance ISP engine with DRC, 3DNR, VDIS, FD, and 3AA features
  • The ISP engine accommodates the following scenarios:
    • 28 megapixels at 30 fps and 28 megapixels at 30 fps
    • 28 megapixels 15 fps still capture
    • Maximum 28 megapixels still image
    • UHD 30 fps camcording and preview
  • Ultra low-power audio decoding co-processor with internal SRAM
  • Mono/2/4/6/8 channel support by single data port for audio interface
  • Universal Flash Storage (UFS) for high-speed (6 Gbps) NAND interface
  • SD 3.0 interface (1-channel, 4-bit, wide-range)
  • Super-speed (5 Gbps) USB 3.0 DRD (1-channel) with USB 2.0 backward compatibility
  • USI with high-speed I2C/SPI and UART (14-channel)
  • High-speed I2C (7-channels), SPI (2-channel), and 3 Mbps UART (7-channel)
  • PCIe 2.0 (2-channels) for WiFi chip connection
  • Sturdy crypto engine with DTRNG, hardware hash function accelerator and provision keys
  • 12-bit general purpose ADC (12-channel), and on-die thermal sensors

ExSOM-8895 DVK Specification

Using the most advanced processor, Exynos 8895, ExSOM-8895 provides the following interfaces;

Features Description
CPU Exynos 8895 Mongoose Quad, A53 Quad @Max 2.1GHz
built-on CPU Module
Memory LPDDR4x 4GB 1866MHz POP type,
built-on CPU Module
Storage UFS2.1 Device(default), SD card(SD 3.0) slot, UFS2.1 card slot,
built-on CPU Module
TV/Monitor out Display Port Standard 1.2
Display MIPI DSI 4 lane x 2 ch for WQUXGA(3840x2400) resolution
Network Ethernet
Camera MIPI CSI 2 channel
PCIe Standard Mini PCIe interface for future use(Gen2)
USB3.0 USB3.0 1 port
USB2.0 USB2.0 Host 2 ports, device 1 port for ADB and Debug
Audio Two-in-one standard Audio jack for earphone and MIC-in
General IO GPIO, I2C, SPI, UART and more…
Mechanical Size 120mm x 120mm (Nano ITX form factor)
Software Android 7.0 Nougat with Linux kernel 4.4.13
Sources will be provided on delivery

ExSOM-8895 Description


ExSOM-8895 DVK Description


Ordering Information

The product consists of following items:

  • CPU Module with Exynos 8895, UFS Device, 360 pins(60-pin con x 6)
  • Power adaptor
  • Cables: Serial cable for Debug

Please contact to inquire for purchase and further information.

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