Pre-order for ARMBRIX Zero will be closed on January 15, 2013.
 Author : HOWCHIP
Date : 13-01-08 09:35   Read : 10,905  
Thank you for paying attention on Pre-order event for ARMBRIX Zero. We are going to close this event on January 15, 2013.
The shipment schedule for Pre-ordered ARMBRIX Zero will be announced after checking manufacturing plan. We estimate it takes around one weeks.

After this event, you can also buy ARMBRIX Zero with $145 as a regular price. The shipment schedule will be decided after satisfying 1Kpcs as one batch.
We will start shipping each batch after gathering 1Kpcs of purchasing orders.

1st Batch:  $135 ARMBRIX Zero (Pre-order event) – Estimated shipment in March
2nd Batch: $145 ARMBRIX Zero – Estimated shipment in April – May (It can be changed based on demand.)

Happy new year!


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